We provide strategic repositioning services for properties large and small. Whether you are starting a new lease-up property or repositioning an existing one, we can help.  Your success is our business.

We listen, observe, evaluate and develop actionable strategies to enhance our clients operations.  Our tiered approach is "customized" to meet the needs of your properties:

Based on site specific positioning or repositioning needs.
Designed to fit your specified goals;
Precise strategies to plan the work.

Incremental, manageable, and easy to implement.
Team development / Team training / Team dynamics.
Pivotal processes customized to fit your needs;
Practical solutions to work the plan.

My Achieving Goals Is Critical  to Success process.
Tangible, attainable, trackable, and accountable;
Powerful results that give your business the best StrataGPoint.

You've always heard the saying:
"plan the work & work the plan,"
but without well thought out strategy, it's pointless.

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Strategy l Solutions l Results...The Place to be on Point.