StrataGPoint is dedicated to offering high quality management support to client's in the multi-family, mixed-use, condominium and townhome real estate industries.  Our operations expertise combined with extensive experience and a network of industry colleagues, act as operations and training arms of companies in need of additional resources.  In today's market StrataGPoint is your best source for value-driven, "customized" and turn-key professional services.  
    StrataGPoint, LLC was established originally in 1997, as Madison-Gabriel, Ltd.  With over thirty years of expertise in multi-family, mixed-use commercial, and condominium real estate management we have facilitated properties in various geographic regions in Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas, Ohio, Nevada, and California. We offer experience with diverse properties and portfolios, varying in size and product composition, markets, submarkets and demographics. 
    Principal, Laura Lamb, began her residential real estate career in 1979 when she moved from hotel management at Corrigan Properties, to new construction development with All-Tex Construction.  Her subsequent promotions and job experience led her to new construction & midrise development operations with Fairfield Properties.  She then segued into Acquisition, Rehab re-development / Value-added repositioning with A.G.Spanos, Drever-Concierge and Walden Management Companies. This culminated in a return to new construction development operations with Flournoy Companies.  Positions held have included, General Manager, Asset Manager, Regional Property Manager, and Regional Vice President.  Additional responsibilities included Corporate, Affordable, Senior, Student, Government housing and HOA management, as well as new business development acquistion.  Laura is a current CPM and CAPS candidate, through IREM and NAA.
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